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Jep Java


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Current Release   Size Release Date
Jep Java 4.0 Trial .zip 6MB April 2021
Previous Releases      
Jep Java 3.5 Trial .zip 4MB August, 2019
Jep Java 3.4 Trial .zip 2.5MB Nov 1, 2010
Jep Java 3.3 Trial .zip 2.2MB Nov 30, 2008
Jep Java 3.2 Trial .zip 1.7MB Feb 12, 2008
Jep Java 3.1 Trial .zip 1.5MB Sep 23, 2007
Jep Java 3.0 Trial .zip 1.4MB Jun 30, 2007
Jep Java 2.4.1 GPL .zip 2.5MB Apr 25, 2007

The trial releases parse up to 50 expressions, after which an exception is thrown. An unlimited number of parses are allowed in the commercial version.

The archive includes a JAR file, documentation, examples and example source-code.