Singular Systems

Jep Java

GWTJep is a version of Jep for JavaScript. It is cross-compiled using Google's Google Web Toolkit package and includes most of the features of Jep and Jep extensions.

With GWTJep you can write your own web-application in Java using nearly all the features of the standard Jep system and the GWT system which includes user-interface widgets, AJAX communication and much more. These are then compiled into a JavaScript module that can be used in webpage.

An example usage is shown


Which uses GWTJep to parse and evaluate the expression.

Other examples include the Console and Extensions console which demonstrate many of GWTJeps features. Further examples can be found on the website, theses have more complex interfaces, partially written in JavaScript and link with the Three.js JavaScript 3D plotting library.

The Documentation and JavaDoc describe various ways the GWTJep system can be used in a webpage.

Beta Release

The first public beta release is version 0.1 released in September 2022. A trial version is available by request from [email protected].

The full version requires a Jep Source + Binary license.