The GWTJep mathematical expression parser cross-complied from Java to JavaScript.

This package takes the core Jep Java code and uses Google's GWT project to cross-compile it to JavaScript.

The code here is the Jep Java classes modified to work with the GWT system. Differences with the standard Jep classes are discussed in the compatibility document.

A few of extra packages are included.

Module definitions used when building the GWTJep system.
Client side classes for various JavaScript applications.
Compatibility classes providing basic implementations of standard Java classes missing from GWT.
The main package containing the Jep class as well as other core classes.
A set of components for performing arbitrary precision arithmetic using the BigDecimal class to represent numbers.
Function classes that operate on BigDecimal numbers.
A hand-coded parser which allows more customization than the standard parser.
This package contains matchers for tokens and grammar elements.
Token classes for the configurable parser.
Classes that implement the built-in functions and operators.
String functions.
Miscellaneous components.
A selection of bitwise operators.
Miscellaneous functions not included in the standard jep.
Full set of java operators: ++x, ?:, += and bitwise operators
Classes to allow line and column number information to stored in nodes.
Package to allow the treatment of null values which propagate up through evaluation so that null op anything will be null for most operator.
Null wrapped versions of specific functions.
Classes to allow a simple method of evaluation in multiple threads.
The standard parser.
A set of classes for performing fast evaluation on reals (strings, vectors, and complex numbers are not supported)
Standard components including the standard evaluator, function table, operator table, variable table, and double number factory.
Expression tree traversal classes.
Container package for all examples, contains simple examples.
Examples that allow console interaction with the Jep parsers using a command line interface.
Examples that serve as diagnostic tools.
Junit tests for the main Jep package.
System tests.
Unit tests using JUnit.
Tests for the BigDecimal functions
Tests for individual function classes
Unit test for classes in com.singularsys.jep.walkers