Note that you can always add new custom functions. Each of the following functions can be applied to objects of the types indicated.

The StandardFunctionTable includes all of these functions by default. They can also be included individually by calling jep.FunTab.AddFunction(String, IPostfixMathCommand). All standard function classes are located in the Jep.Functions namespace.

Trigonometric Functions

All functions accept arguments of the JepDouble and Complex type, except atan2 which only accepts JepDouble arguments.

Description Function Name Class Name
Sine sin(x) Sine
Cosine cos(x) Cosine
Tangent tan(x) Tangent
Arc Sine asin(x) ArcSine
Arc Cosine acos(x) ArcCosine
Arc Tangent atan(x) ArcTangent
Arc Tangent (with 2 parameters) atan2(y, x) ArcTangent2
Hyperbolic Sine sinh(x) SineH
Hyperbolic Cosine cosh(x) CosineH
Hyperbolic Tangent tanh(x) TanH
Inverse Hyperbolic Sine asinh(x) ArcSineH
Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine acosh(x) ArcCosineH
Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent atanh(x) ArcTanH

Log and Exponential Functions

All functions accept arguments of the JepDouble and Complex types.

Description Function Name Class Name
Natural Logarithm ln(x) NaturalLogarithm
Logarithm base 10 log(x) Logarithm
Logarithm base 2 lg(x) LogBase2
Exponential (e^x) exp(x) Exp
Power pow(x) Power

Statistical Functions

All functions accept either an array (e.g. min([1,2,3])) or a set of numbers (e.g. min(1,2,3)).

Description Function Name Class Name
Average avg(x1,x2,x3,...) Average
Minimum min(x1,x2,x3,...) MinMax(true)
Maximum max(x1,x2,x3,...) MinMax(false)

Rounding Functions

Description Function Name Class Name
Round round(x), round(x, p) Round
Floor floor(x) Floor
Ceiling ceil(x) Ceil

Miscellaneous Functions

Description   JepDouble Complex String Array
If if(cond, trueval, falseval) Check      
Absolute Value / Magnitude abs(x) Check Check    
Random number
(between 0 and 1)
Modulus mod(x,y)
= x % y
Square Root sqrt(x) Check Check    
Sum sum(x,y,...) Check Check Check  
Str (number to string) str(x) Check Check Check Check
Binomial coefficients binom(n, i) Check

Complex Functions

Description   JepDouble Complex
Real Component re(c) Check Check
Imaginary Component im(c) Check Check
Complex Modulus (Absolute Value) cmod(c) Check Check
Argument (Angle of complex value, in radians) arg(c) Check Check
Complex conjugate conj(c) Check Check
Complex, constructs a complex number from real and imaginary parts complex(x, y) Check  
Polar, constructs a complex number from modulus and argument polar(r, theta) Check