Singular Systems




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A "Show AutoAbacus" and "Hide" button should appear below when the program is ready to run. After clicking "Show AutoAbacus" the program should appear in it's own window.

Using the demo applet
Equations can be entered in the left text box. Solutions are presented in the pane on the right side. Once a valid system of equations has been entered, the solution will be calculated automatically.


a = 3
b = 2*a - a

3r + 4t = 10
2r = 9

Two objects are being thrown
upward with given initial
positions, and velocities.
Find the height and time at
which they pass.

Known values:
   s0A = 30
   v0A =  5

   s0B =  0
   v0B = 20

   g   = -9.81

Equations that apply:

sA = s0A + v0A*t + (g*t^2)/2
sB = s0B + v0B*t + (g*t^2)/2

sA = sB

Known Limitations

  • Unable to find solutions to some systems that actually do have solutions. In some cases the currently incorporated solution algorithms are not appropriate for certain problems.
  • Inaccurate solutions for some systems. Since AutoAbacus is currently based on floating point numbers, it is subject to round-off errors.
  • Only one solution is reported although there may be multiple solutions to a particular set of equations.